Friday, August 9, 2019

Let's Share This View From Above................

Freedom Sounds here with you through thick and thin!

(Motion Sensor Synth Echo)
Descarga Vacana - Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana
Bemba Colora - Celia Cruz
Lotus 72D - Ze Roberto
Dents Blanches et Tam Tam - Orchestre Centrafrican Jazz
Ayalqem Tedenko - Alemayehu Eshete
Recuerdos del Ayer - Esther Suarez
Tico Tico - Carmen Miranda
Moyo Koma - Salum Abdallah
A Night in Tunisia - Hugh Masekela
Los Bandidos - Cal Tjader
Silbando - Los Riberenos
Acid Rock - Funkees
(Soda Fizzzzzz Echo)

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