Sunday, May 5, 2019

Saturday Night Jamboree: Jamaican Groove Chronologically

Brion Lion and Mikey-Oh at 35 tunes an hour,
Rockin' a steady medley on a Cinco De Mayo's Eve...

(Nacho Sonido Intro Echo)
El Gigante - Los Delirians
Latin Goes Ska - Skatalites
Christine Keeler - Skatalites
Man in the Street - Don Drummond
I'm Gonna Take Over Now - Ethiopians
Cool Collie - Hopeton Lewis
Napoleon Solo - Lynn Tait and the Jets
Jam Session Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
Mama - Heptones
Fattie Fattie - Heptones
Fattie Version - Sound Dimension
Step Softly - Bobby Ellis and Crystalites
Somebody's Baby - Pat Kelly
Rocksteady - Phyllis Dillon
Truly - Marcia Griffiths
Pressure Drop - Maytals
In the Summertime - Ken Boothe
Candy Lady - Black & George
Wake the Town - U Roy
Wh'appen - Sir Lord Comic
Tippertone - Big Youth
Quarter Pound Icense - Max Romeo
Jail House Set Me Free - Earth and Stone
Iron Sharpen Iron - Culture
Good Vibes - Horace Andy
Hey Mr. Babylon - Don Carlos
Dancehall Style - Little John
Bam Bam - Sister Nancy
Talk Love - Sonia Spence
Lost My Sonia - Cocoa Tea
Death in the Stadium - Cocoa Tea
Greetings - Half Pint
Brother Love, Sister Love - Half Pint
Mission Possible - Viceroys
Toiling On - Viceroys
(Rewind Tappa Zukie Tape Sun Ra Lazer Bleeeeeep)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

We Are Still Moving: Burning Drums Vs. Village Soul

Keeping you strong in spirit and mind!

(Test Tone Piano Echo Cymande)
Bra - Cymande
Village Soul - Lennie Hibbert
Let's Build Our Dub Together - John Holt/Supersonics
Independence Ska - Skatalites
Everybody Needs Love - Slim Smith
1,000 Tons of Megaton - Roland Alphonso
Army of Love - Junior Byles
Curly Locks - Junior Byles
Ain't Too Proud to Beg - Junior Byles
Born Free - Michael Rose
Burning Drums - Dadawah
Surfin' - Ernest Ranglin
Mary Poppins - Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
Soulful Love - Pat Kelly
Verdict in Dub - Impact All Stars
(Reel Rewind vs. Test Tone vs. Tape Echo)

Sunday, March 24, 2019

It's a Good Day: Yet Another Jamaican Education for YOU!

Giving you power to devour every hour!!!!!

(Sage Grouse vs. Echo)
Dubd Version - Bunny Wailer
Talk About Love - Pat Kelly/Dillinger
Angel of the Morning - Pat Kelly
It's a Good Day - Pat Kelly
Tribal War - John Holt
Fresh and Clean - Dennis Brown/I. Roy
Musical Pleasure - I. Roy
Every Day is the Same - Paulette
Cold Hearted Dub - Jackie Mitto/King Tubby
Walking - Burning Spear
Put On Your Dancing Shoes - Dandy
Problems - Desmond Dekker
Jah Give Me Strength - Cornell Campbell
Pity the Children - Cornell Campbell
Desperate Times - Chantells
Good Vibes - Horace Andy
Righteous Man - Little Roy
I Need a Roof - Sugar Minott
Suavita - Tommy McCook/Skatalites
Beardsman Ska - Skatalites
It's Raining - The Three Tops
Bandulu - Freddie McGregor
Sometimes - John Holt
Our Day Will Come - The Heptones
(Real Dub vs. BIRDS)

Saturday, March 16, 2019

A Late Night Excursion, FSR Bringing you the VERSION!

An uptempo deep dive, with 1,000 volts of John Holt!

(Sonia vs. Toy Sound Echo)
Cissy Strut - The Meters
Latin Slide - La Clave
Mambo Ry Co - Ry Co Jazz
Heads Head - Ray Medina and the Latin New Breed
Mambo Hawaienne - African Fiesta
La Pava Congona - Afrosound
Fini Les Pave's - Gnonnas Pedro and his Dadjes Band Int'l
Sometimes - John Holt
Stick By Me - John Holt
All My Life - John Holt
I'll Be Lonely - John Holt and Joya Landis
Stealing Stealing - John Holt
When The Lights Are Low - John Holt and the Paragons
Up Park Version - John Holt and Revolutionaries
Sentimental Version - Joy White and Revolutionaries
Only Love Can Conquer - Prince Alla
Jah Jah Version - Revolutionaries
(Wind Chime Trenton Street and 37th vs. Tape Echo)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Jamaican Music Education/Caution: Contents Contain Heavy Sounds!

Sending out vibrations to some key folks who taught me about this great music...
BIG UP Casey Sims, Jason Tarman, DB, Michael SKAfentoulis, Brad Washburn and Brion Lion!

(Madness HEY YOU vs. Tape Echo)
Rolando Special - Roland Alphonso and Soul Vendors
No Man is an Island - Derrick Harriott
Africa - Gaylads
Tears From My Eyes - Gaylads
Morning Sun -Gaylads
Joy in the Morning - Gaylads
I am Free - Gaylads
Don't Try to Reach Me - Gaylads
Love is a Pleasure - The Cables
Put it On - Wailers
Love Me Forever - Carlton and the Shoes
Queen of the World - Claudette
Halfway Up The Stairs - Delroy Wilson
Show Me The Way - Delroy Wilson
Try Again - Delroy Wilson
Better Must Come - Delroy Wilson
Cool Operator - Delroy Wilson
This Life Makes Me Wonder - Delroy Wilson
I'm Yours - Delroy Wilson
Feel So Good - Maytals
Vera Cruz - Prince Buster All Stars
Ali Baba - John Holt
Money in My Pocket - Dennis Brown
Make it Easy on Yourself - Dennis Brown
Meet Me at the Corner VERSION - Dennis Brown/Randy's
The Song My Mother Used to Sing - Dennis Brown
Silhouettes - Dennis Brown
Lightning and Thunder - Dennis Brown
Here I Come Again VERSION - Dennis Brown/Observer
Soul Walk (Pick Up the Pieces) - 'Im and Sound Dimension
Heavy Rock - Sound Dimension

Monday, February 11, 2019

Finding a Warm Place in the Storm: What a Happy Day...

Freedom Sounds can't stay down for long!

(Boss with the Musical Sauce vs. ECHO)
Taboo - Cyril Diaz and Orchestra
Yayabo - Cortijo Y Su Combo
Bonne Annee - Black Santiago
Descarga Vacana - Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana
Me Robaron mi Runa Mula - Juaneco y Su Combo
Mambo Maxims - Bobby Matos
Hammer Head - Mongo Santamaria
Beardsman Ska - Skatalites
Nimblefoot Ska - Skatalites
Party Time/Party Time Version - Heptones
Pretty Looks/Pretty Looks Version - Heptones
Driven Back - Pioneers
Things Have Got to Change - Pioneers
Starvation - Pioneers
What a Happy Day Version - Burning Spear
Them a Come - Burning Spear
New Civilization - Burning Spear
Rock Away - Gregory Isaacs
A Promise - Gregory Isaacs
Open the Door to Your Heart - Gregory Isaacs
Rasta Business - Gregory Isaacs
Sinner Man - Gregory Isaacs
Winner - Gregory Isaacs
(Congo Rock vs. Bird Sounds ECHO)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Something NEW: Feel Like Jumping...

Back in action for your musical satisfaction!

(Nicky Thomas vs. DB Circuit in Echo Chamber)
Feel Like Jumping Version - Marcia and Brentford All Stars
New Generation - The Universals
Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey
Bazooka - Carlos Lamartine
Aguisse - Ernesto Djedje
Maloya Ton Tisane - Michou
Esperar Pra Ver - Evinha
Sina Raha - Hafusa Abasi & Slim Ali w/ Yahoos Band
Yegenet Muziqa - Getatchew Mekurya
All My Life - John Holt
My Satisfaction - John Holt
Keep on Trying - Delroy Wilson
I'm Yours - Delroy Wilson
Mash it Up - Delroy Wilson
Everybody Needs Love - Slim Smith
Never Let You Go - Slim Smith
On Broadway Discomix - Slim Smith/Lester Sterling
Sinner Man - Gregory Isaacs
Stick Together - The Classics
Rockin' Time - Burning Spear
Such is Life - Lord Creator
Loving Reggae - Maytones
Bowee Wowee - Maytones
Sentimental Reasons - Maytones
Meditation Dub - Abyssinians
(Inez in Echo Chamber OUT)

Freedom Sounds Something New Feel Like Jumping

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