Monday, July 3, 2017

Powering Forward: African Airwaves Side B2

Stepping into the unknown with confidence,
Taking new challenges head-on...

(Wangari Maathai POWER)
Wenlega - Fulani Ensemble
Macongo me Chiquita - Ferreira do Nascimento
Odenigbo - Sonny Okuson (edit)
Otinku - Modern Sound Quintet
Kai Kai - Yam Yam Feat. Les Mangelepa
Super Otete Mpomamu - Atakora Manu
Heaven - Ebo Taylor
Mussoloki - Bernard Ntone
Munyiva - Dickson Mulwa
Wuba - Tewolde Redda
Dents Blanches et Tam Tam - Orchestre Centafrican Jazz
Sugar Daddy - Joe King Kologbo and High Grace
Eguae Oba - Osayomore Joseph & Creative 7
Tribute to Sun Ra - Salah Ragab and Cairo Jazz
Quiero Wapacha - Charles Lembe
Sanza Sanza - Kahamba et les Esprits Saints
I'smodeni - Boy Nze na Maqueens
Rufani ya Kifo - Dar International Orchestre
(Storms by Dollar Brand vs. Haile Selassie vs. Birds/Chimes)

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