Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Shift in Perspective: African Airwaves Side Z

Seeing multiple views at once, FreedomSoundsRadio a convergence.....

(Applause vs. Echo)
Better Change Your Mind - William Onyeabor (R.I.P.)
Beware Verwoerd (Naants' Indod'Emnyama) - Miriam Makeba
Khoba - Augustina Mokhosoa and Choir
Dents Blanches et Tam Tam - Orchestre Centrafrican-Jazz
Ebre Mbre - Mary Afi Usuah
Autorail - Orchestra Baobab
Guantanamo - Laba Sosseh
(Miriam Makeba)
Mannenburg Revisited - Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya
Kamiki - Ochestre Kiam
Sidi Yasa - L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa de Kayes
Hadarey - Tsehaytu Beraki
Lili - Akofa Akoussah
Guinea - Francis Bebey
(Vs. Reverses vs. Kelda)

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