Saturday, May 28, 2022

From the Archives: In the Lair with Fargo the Finder: African Airwaves!

Digging Deep in KFSR crates for this Session!

(Sacred Flutes)
Odudwa - Sonny Okosun
Anduku Lutshuma - OK Jazz
Nomose - Osayomore Joseph & The Creative 7
Ugali - Tony Benson Sextet
Chukwu Dube Ayi - Tony Grey and Black King
Kita Kita - Gasper Lawal
Yatchiminou - Jimmy Hyacinthe
Jin Ma Jin Ma - Orchestre Baobab
Highway Chorus - Semicolon
Abetsi Ngu - George Williams Aingo
Super Otete Mpomamu - Atakora Manu
(Salif Keita)
Lusunga Bakali - Abugu Kisukwe
(Sun Ra)

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